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Draft Day Review [Jan. 24th, 2006|02:38 pm]
Metrostars Soccer Club -MLS- Livejournal Fan Page


Metros send fifth overall pick (Seton Hall's Sacha Kljestan) as well as defender J. Hernandez to Chivas for the first overall pick.

Good news Metros get UCLA and U20 standout Marvell Wynne. (Good trade? I think so)

Metros tade Zach Wells to Houston Whatevers for their 4th round (41st) pick. ((originally traded to them for Conway)) Although I think Wells can be a standout keeper... I think this is pretty much a wash. We weren't keeping him here anyway.

17th Overall pick 16yo U17 forward Josmer Altidore (should be the player of the future, highly touted)

41st pick Blake Camp (Duke U. Mid)

Overall not a bad draft day.
Now to wait and see what happens in Mo's mystery camp, and what the final word on Guevara will be.